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May 14th, 2019

The Most Significant Architectural Projects in Budapest

The possibilities are favorable now for architectural advances in the capital. This can be seen from the fact that huge improvements are still underway in Budapest. Developers need to consider rules such as the need to make space for shops on the ground floor of office buildings, and underground parking garages, but many other essential functions can be considered in the future.

Discharging downtown is one of the most important aspects of introducing new regulations and the hospitality units, shops, hotels and grocery stores created within these projects can all contribute to this.

South Buda

The construction of Etele Plaza and related projects will affect the entire life of South Buda. The Budapest One office park, which is being built between the Kelenföld railway station and the outlet section of M1-M7, will also have an impact on the development of the area as a city center.

The headquarters of Mol, built in Property Market development, is also located in South Buda, on a 15 hectare area between Kopaszi-gát and Budafoki Road. In addition to the development of independent shopping streets and entertainment venues with reduced traffic, they promise hotels, apartments, offices and sports facilities for pedestrians in the area.

North Pest

Agora Budapest by HB Reavis consists of five high-rise buildings in North Pest, 136,000 square meters office, and 11,000 square meters of commercial space. According to the company, it will be ready by 2023 and will provide jobs for more than 12,000 people. Twist Complex, the developement of GTC, is complemented by this development, so if the area will contain suitable entertainment, cultural and shopping opportunities, it can become a new center in this part of the capital.

Near Westend City Center

The Central Park, which will be located behind Westend City Center, is likely to become a new center as well. Hypermodern solutions and lots of green surfaces will describe the development of the Granite Pole Group. The two-hectare park will provide a sense of freedom for home, office and hotel guests. This development is most appealing for its’ modern architectural solutions.

Váci Road

The Reno yard, another major investment in the Váci Road office corridor, will be located in a former screw factory area. The City 2020 project will be implemented on a total of 6.7 hectares, and alongside the 90-meter office building, homes, shops, entertainment and recreation units will be added.

There are two larger office buildings on Váci Road. One of them is on Dózsa György Street and Angyalföldi Streets crossing, and the other in the place of the old Vízművek (Waterworks) headquarters, in the development of SKANSKA. This could provide with thousands of jobs in these areas, but there are not any foreseen features so far that could make this area a central point in Budapest.

Near Népliget

In the development of Wing Zrt., Liberty House is preparing a 40,000 square meter office complex near Népliget. By creating the right features, this development could link Lurdy House shopping mall to Népliget transport hub, creating a new city center with residential buildings and other features, along with the new Telekom headquarters that have already been handed over.

South Pest

There is a huge investment in South Pest, the area of the former Közvágóhíd. The 7-12 storey blocks contain 1232 flats and 45 thousand square meters of office space. In addition, two hundred hotel rooms and a 2,000 car space underground garage will be built as well as many restaurants and stores.





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